HSF Announces Winners of its First-Ever Historico-Litteracy Project

We are thrilled to announce our WINNERS of HSF’s inaugural Historico-Litteracy Project!  Congratulations to the following contestants for a job well done! Winners 1) Reejehanny Presume2) Lazard Lamerique 3) Lumene Schneyder4) Luckencia Jean5) Dolivert Mansaro 6) Dany Junior 7) Augustin Youvens Lovensky8) Valcy Jean Kerly 9) Morrissaint Flablendy10) Olivier Dieulouissaint Our contestants were asked to […]

Support HSF: A Look At What HSF Has Achieved

FAMILY *** FRIENDS *** SPONSORS Your generosity to the Children of Haiti often leaves us speechless. Many of you have never stepped on to our compound but have always done your utmost to help the children of Haiti. Thanks to your support, we continue to assist in health, education, environment, sports, communication, and entrepreneurship. One […]

BOARD: “HSF Celebrates 16 Years of Service”

This week the Haitian Sports Foundation (HSF) is celebrating sixteen years of direct services to the children of Haiti. We started from scratch. Just an idea and a willingness to help out the least fortunate. Thanks to your help we were able to build a complex in the south of Haiti (Anse-a-Veau) where kids can […]