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Welcome to our gallery! Below are collections of photos from our various events and activities. Click here to view HSF videos.

Atlanta Dinner Highlights 2022

Female Basketball Introduction in Anse-a-Veau, Haiti
September 2023

HSF Female Basketball Team

HSF First Food Relief Donation Due to the Earthquake- August 2021

HSF’s 2021 Interschool Basketball Tournament Finals

HSF Celebrating 16 Years of Service in Haiti

Religious Site Cleanup

HSF Interschool Basketball Tournament

Karate Belt Testing

HSF’s Solar Panel Graduation Ceremony

HSF’s Clinic Update: Medical Clinic Provides Free Medical Care and Medicine To Patients

Trade School Update: Construction of Phase One Now Complete

The Beginning of a Long Journey –
The Future HSF Basketball Team

HSF’s 2019 New York Annual Dinner

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HSF’s 2019 Atlanta Annual Dinner

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