Development through sports.

SPORTS in itself reduces delinquency- “ a factor of youth crime”, builds self esteem, facilitates community interaction, promotes discipline, develops leadership skills, encourages healthy lifestyle habits and the list continues

“The HSF initially taught Karate at any location that was accessible, whether it was a field, a school, or other safe facilities that were offered. Driven by the enthusiasm and commitment of the youths, the dream to have their own GYM became a reality, with the help of local leaders and professionals, who donated 2 acres of land in Anse-a-Veau, in 2015.

Soccer is the most popular sports in Haiti.

Followed by martial arts, volleyball and basketball.

Our complex provides the infrastructure for children to practice in a safe environment.

prevention of childhood delinquency through sports.


The HSF built its GYM in 2016, which serves 80-100 students facilitating the teaching of Martial Arts and Cultural Activities. We progressed to build a basketball court in 2019, with the help of Basket Plus, A Canadian Female Basketball Team. We plan to offer Volleyball and Soccer in the near future. The Gym functions as a meeting room for presentations, seminars, workshops and soon inter-school and inter-regional competition.

Since this is the first GYM in that community, it has added quality to kids’ life, development to the area, hope for the community and a safe place where the kids can practice to excel in sports activities.  The HSF continues to strive through sports to give hope and support the youths of the community and we urge each of you to join us in our mission to make a difference.