HSF Announces Winners of its First-Ever Historico-Litteracy Project

We are thrilled to announce our WINNERS of HSF’s inaugural Historico-Litteracy Project!  Congratulations to the following contestants for a job well done!

1) Reejehanny Presume
2) Lazard Lamerique
3) Lumene Schneyder
4) Luckencia Jean
5) Dolivert Mansaro
6) Dany Junior
7) Augustin Youvens Lovensky
8) Valcy Jean Kerly
9) Morrissaint Flablendy
10) Olivier Dieulouissaint

Our contestants were asked to develop three topics:
1) Biography of President Sudre Dartiguenave
2) Biography of President Fabre Geffrard
3) Town of Anse-a-Veau: Richness and Possibilities

These talented students attend the following schools:
1) College Boisrond Tonnerre
2)College Saint-Anne
3) Lycée Petit Trou de Nippes
4) Collège Vision de Petit Trou de Nippes

We are very excited about organizing this first-of-its kind event locally, and look forward to hosting many more to come!