BOARD: “HSF Celebrates 16 Years of Service”

This week the Haitian Sports Foundation (HSF) is celebrating sixteen years of direct services to the children of Haiti.

We started from scratch. Just an idea and a willingness to help out the least fortunate. Thanks to your help we were able to build a complex in the south of Haiti (Anse-a-Veau) where kids can feel safe. The complex consists of the following:

  1. A clinic where free monthly health care and medication are giving to the population
  2. A Lab where adequate testing (blood, urine…) is performed with immediate results delivered to thedoctor
  3. A Basketball/Volleyball court where interschool competition is performed for the first time in that region
  4. A computer facility with direct assistance from an instructor to open the world to the children
  5. A facility where they practice martial arts, folkloric dance and other activities
  6. A 1,200 Sq ft professional trade school scheduled for completion this summer. Such school will provide classes on solar energy, refrigeration, mechanics etc
  7. A radio station to facilitate communication amongst the population in case of natural disasters.

We have seen kids grow from 12 years and some have recently graduated in Law and Nursing schools. They are now working with the new generation for guidance.
The HSF Board is fully committed to continuing with these services without collecting any compensation from your contribution. As such one hundred percent of your donation is earmarked towards the programs.

Thanks to you we have introduced a scholarship program where we pay annual tuition for some children. The program started with two children and has grown to 13 children. Their academic performance is closely monitored with a final report card results to share with the Board and the sponsors.

On behalf of the children of Haiti, we say A HUGE Thank You for your continuous support to help us maintaining the programs and compensating the local teachers and monitors.

For the Board
Turnier Esperance & George Aschkar Jr