Accord Protocol Between HSF and Radio Tele Cosmopolite

The Haitian Sports Foundation (HSF) & Radio Tele Cosmopolite agreed to work together to educate and increase the level of professionalism with students aspiring to work for Radio Laness located in Anse-a-Veau, Haiti under the responsibility of the Haitian Sports Foundation.

Mr. Dugue Dumond, CEO of Radio Tele Cosmopolite will provide a curriculum on Broadcasting to ensure the highest level of professionalism amongst the students of HSF and Laness.

Mr. Dumond agreed to provide his help based on his love for Haiti as a pure humanitarian gesture with no compensation in return from HSF.

HSF will provide all technical support and will work with Mr. Dumond to assist and ensure the classes are done timely and for the benefit of the registers.

We salute the patriotism of Mr. Dumond and will continue to work with him to explore other areas which can be beneficial for the children of Haiti and of common interests.

HSF Communication

From left: Turnier ESPERANCE; Mr Dugue Dumond, President of Radio Télé Cosmopolite, Georges Aschkar Jr