Turnier Esperance

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Turnier Tesperance

Turnier Esperance

Professional with broad experience in business design technology and financial risks monitoring compliance. Strong in Finance, Human Resources, and integrated Audit. Participate in systems design and responsible to identify risks and define process controls requirements. Worked as global process driver for business controls, systems development implementation and the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA). He holds a Business Administration (BA); a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and post graduate study in computer systems management at New York University. He is the co-founder of the Haitian Sports Foundation and the founder of the “Association Nationale des Auditeurs en Systèmes d’Information” in Haiti. He is married with two sons and two grandchildren. He is a Third-degree black belt registered at the World Karate Federation and a US martial arts referee. He is currently working on a book dedicated to those who aspire to leave Haiti.

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