Imagine a country of 6 million inhabitants where only “35,000 children under the age of 18 years old have access to some level of sports activities”.

Imagine a country of 6 million inhabitants with only “30 physical education instructors”.

Imagine a country with only “one stadium capable to host 12,000 spectators”.

Imagine athletes participating in major international tournaments without proper uniform, basic equipment and adequate nutrients.

Imagine children playing Soccer, Volleyball and Basketball ball without proper equipment.

Imagine no more. These are the facts that we either compiled and/or witnessed. We can not resolve all problems. However, as athletes originated from this great country, we feel a social obligation to help out and provide basic assistance to the different sports organizations in Haiti and to needed Haitian athletes across all sports disciplines. This is the purpose of the foundation. This is our mandate. All your contributions will be fully accounted for and is tax deductible.

What we are proud of…

  • HSF children in the Anse-a-Veau, Haiti region where we operate are succeeding in Education, Sports, Arts and Health.  As a result, their success has prevented any delinquent or criminal engagement in the past six years of HSF operations
  • Obtained Martial Arts Awards in international tournament
  • Worked with the Parent Association to oversee children activities
  • Built a complex which contains:
    • A computer room allowing the children to access the world via the internet
    • A multi-purpose room where children train in martial arts skills and folkloric dancing
    • A basketball/volleyball court where children train and prepare for intern-school competition
    • A clinic which provides preventive medical assistance to the population
    • Awarded scholarship assistance to children in grade school and HSF alumni to learning new trade
    • Encouraged volunteers to work side by side with the children in Haiti during our annual camp activity
    • Opened an HSF hub in Atlanta, GA 
    • Obtained the Guide Star Platinum award due to our financial rigor and good governance 

Next Goal: 

Build a Trade School to teach solar energy and entrepreneurship.  By July 2021, we expect to have empowered 50 entrepreneurs. Key points to highlight:

  • We are certainly on our way to paving the HSF Trade School
  • We received the certification of education from the Ministry of Education authorizing HSF to conduct such classes
  • We have identified instructors for the solar energy and entrepreneurship programs
  • We have in our power the solar energy and entrepreneurship curriculum
  • We have the architectural design for the trade school
  • We have designated an area within our center where the trade school will be built

Future Goal: 

Stay tuned.  We are transforming lives. 

About HSF

The Haitian Sports Foundation (HSF) is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization dedicated to uplift the children of Haiti through the use of sports activities. Founded in July 2006, it is headquartered in the United States and in Haiti, and provides a range of services, instruction, and training for Haitian youth. Primarily, HSF engages youth through sports activites including soccer, martial arts, basketball, track and field, and volleyball.

Since its founding, HSF has been working with local social organizations to provide assistance to children between the ages of 6 through 17 years old. HSF believes that each child has the potential to succeed if the opportunity is provided to him or her.

We count on your support!

Together we can develop future champions, new leaders, engaged citizens and provide opportunities only dreamed of before. Your generosity will make a big difference in the life of many Haitian children.

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