HSF Clinic Achieves Record Patient Visits

January 7, 2023 – Today we hit a record of 90 patient visits (11 men, 51 women, 15 boys 13 girls) at HSF’s medical clinic. 

The patients came with all types of issues including genitourinary infections, abscess, shingles, hemorrhoids, acute diarrhea, gastritis, flu diabetes, intestinal parasitosis, etc. 

The lab performed 34 exams for blood count, blood glucose, pregnancy, and syphilis. Patients received free medication, enough for them to stay healthy until next time. 

Needless to say that both the clinic and the lab are having a tremendous impact on the community. At times it’s overwhelmed but we are doing our best, and we hope to continue serving those in need of medical attention and helping them improve their health and well-being.