Final Results: HSF’s 2021 Interschool Basketball Tournament

And the results are in – Congratulations to our winners! 

First Place: Ecole Saint Ange
Second Place: College Saint Anne
Third Place Ecole Saint Joseph

MVP: Abellar Bebeto and Lummene Lukenson

Best Defensers: Joseph Kervens and Abelar Bebeto

The HSF Board is pleased to inform the world that the Basketball Fever is totally spreading in Anse-a-Veau, Haiti!

A huge thank you to those who made it possible including:
The University of Ottawa Basketball Girls, The Duane Davis Foundation, CORA and AAVP, the School Directors of Anse-a-Veau, Coach Laguerre Emmanuel and all the HSF members and Officials in Anse-a-Veau.