Elizabeth Janvier

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Elizabeth Janvier

Elizabeth Janvier

Elizabeth is a professional Private Academic & ESL Tutor and Mentor serving students in their home environment or Public Libraries throughout Atlanta. She also tutors and mentors’ students with mental illness; instilling hope and enhancing their academic progress with the patience and mentorship they need in a fast-paced society. This stream of community outreach has inspired her to launch a non-profit tutoring organization known as, Olive Tree Tutoring, in Metro Atlanta as a Founder and Executive Director.

Elizabeth is a proud Aurora University Alumni who holds a Master Degree in Social Work (MSW) with a concentration in Servant Leadership. Her passion in working with individuals with needs from all socioeconomic backgrounds is greatly reflected in her diligent attitude to encourage struggling learners and those seeking to improve their overall quality of life.

Elizabeth’s specialties include English, Writing, Reading, essay and creative writing. She is a firm believer that in meeting an individual where they are, ‘I can’t’ can be transformed to ‘I can’. Elizabeth spends some of her leisure time dedicated to volunteer work, scriptural studies, family gatherings, and various creative writing projects. Elizabeth has been to Haiti working side by side with Haitian children. She has first hands experienced of their artistic ability.

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