Local Woman Receives Free Medical Care at HSF Clinic

This lady came to our complex with her special transportation, riding on rocky roads for close to 8 miles to receive free health care and free medication. A seller by trade, she stopped by the clinic first on her way to the market where she sold her goods. She removed her goods off her donkey’s […]

Haiti Earthquake 2021 Damage

HSF Releases its 2021 Annual Newsletter

January 15, 2022 –  HSF is thrilled to release its 2021 Annual Newsletter, commemorating our activities and accomplishments in what has been an exceptionally busy year for us.  HSF has played in a significant role in the community we serve, and we are proud to share how we continue to make a difference in the […]


HSF’s October Clinic Update

October 2021 – HSF continues to provide valuable medical service to the Nippes population in Haiti. Our services have been upgraded to performing minor surgery. This month we also provided free consulting services to sixty patients, including 14 children. As you know, last month we performed our first minor tumor surgery for a young gentleman. […]

Federal Employees support HSF programs

October 18, 2021 –  The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) features HSF as a partner on it’s website!  Check out their posts about HSF below: Uplifting Haitian Youth Through Sports and Education HSF Uses Sports & Education to Prevent Youth Delinquency

HSF Lab Clinic_September Update

HSF’s September Post-Earthquake Clinic Update

September 25, 2021 – Today 64 patients, including 11 children, came in to receive medical care and free medication. Amongst them, a young boy had a minor tumor in his left arm. Because of our recent acquired inventory, the medical team was able to perform a small “local” chirurgical intervention. The surgery was successful, and […]

Haiti Earthquake 2021 Damage

7.2 Earthquake: Damages Suffered by Some HSF Members

We wanted to share with you actual damages that have afflicted members of our Foundation during the recent August 14th earthquake. HSF decided to hold an infrastructure relief for them the first week of October. We made a decision to hide their names for privacy reasons. HSF provided funding for food and home rebuilding. While […]