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News & Events

HSF 2014 Annual Soccer Activities: July 19th – July 26th 2014

Participants: Referees, Coaches, Selected Children
Team: Boys/Girls 16 & 17 from Anse-à-Veau & Léogane
Assistant: Professor Diegue Blendel
Sponsors: Fritznel Presmy & Yves Cassamajor
HSF Soccer Head: Reverend Love Smith; assisted by Mr. Galinsky Smith


Date Activities Required
7/18 Executive from HSF: Mr. Love Smith & Galinsky Smith to lead the tournament  
7/19 & 7/21

Team Selection & Referee Seminar
Location: Anse-à-Veau



7/22 – 7/23 Team Selection & Referee Seminar _ Location: Léogane




Final Tournament between:
Léogane & Anse-à-Veau

Anse-à-Veau players to travel to Léogane

Good luck and keep the HSF spirit high. Please forward the names of the five distinguished children to HSF Board. All soccer equipment including trophies, balls, shoes, T-Shirts have been donated by HSF members and delivered in Haiti. On behalf of the HSF children, we thank all members who made this event a reality.


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