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HSF's 2016 Camp Results are In!

Note from the President:

Dear Friends

Words cannot explain what I have witnessed during the recent HSF camp where youngsters from Anse-à-Veau and Carrefour gathered to spend five days with HSF volunteers learning the art of communication, CPR, social etiquette, geography, arts including dancing, poetry and songs…

The children that I met four years ago are now mature, confident and eager to embrace the world. They are looking for more challenges and are now challenging HSF leadership to start the multi-discipline facility.  Yes, the facility is overdue due to a “cloud” pending over the land deed. The recent intervention of legal authorities in the area gives us some hope for a long and lasting resolution.

We look forward to starting construction and providing to the Anse-à-Veau children a permanent place where they can learn and practice sports.

Four years ago they could not draw the world map…Now some of them are teaching geography…

Four years ago they were camera shy…now they become stars in their community …singing, writing poetry, and teaching history…

Four years ago they could not eye contact when addressing others…now they are confident, full with pride and self-esteem and always greet you with a smile and a nice hand shake….

HSF has transformed the children of Anse-à-Veau…through the learning of martial arts, computer, English and math…

HSF hopes du duplicate a similar program soon in Mirebalais and other region of Haiti.

Turnier Esperance
HSF President

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