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2013 Summer Camps - They came. They studied. They learned. They networked. They had fun.

July 1 - 4, 2013 - The Haitian Sports Foundation (HSF) conducted two parallel camps. The first was a soccer camp which took place in Anse-à-Veau and was led by Mr. Love Smith and Mr. Galinsky Smith. An estimated 76 children participated in the soccer camp where they learned how to dribble, and further developed skills that will allow them to be not only a better soccer player but a good sportsman and competitor. Mr. Smith also delivered balloons, T-shirts, and soccer equipment. The children were very excited to have these items and truly appreciate the generosity of our donors.

The second activity took place at Moulin Sur Mer, a beach front resort 60 miles North from Port-au-Prince, the Haitian capital. A total of 40 children between the ages of 10 to 19 years old actively participated. They were from Anse- à -Veau; 178 Kms South of the capital, and Carrefour 15 Kms from the capital. They were accompanied by their Karate instructor Mr. Diegue Blendel and Mrs. A. Gaspar, a parent, served a chaperon. In addition, seven volunteers from the US were there to assist and coach the children. They were Turnier Esperance, Georges Aschkar Jr, Mrs. Huberte Esperance; Mrs. Dorothy Aschkar, Ms Maryze Aschkar; Dr Ernst Moise Jacquitte and Mrs. Karen De Guise.

At Moulin Sur Mer,the children received formal classes in English, Haitian history, Computer, Geography, Communication, Leadership and Ethics. They also visited a museum and learned about Haitian history from slavery to independence. It was a great deal for all of them and everyone showed interest in the topics. It is always amazing to see the talent emerge when these children are given the opportunity. This year we had two standouts – one with a talent for poetry and another in comedy. Another unique feature of this year’s camp was that the children just had a few steps to walk out into the beautiful gleaming Caribbean! This was a source of true joy and relaxation, and a wonderful experience. They also had a chance to see a former Haitian president. Thirty Five of them including 12 girls passed their second Karate test and moved on to a higher level.

God always seems to be keeping an eye on HSF. When we learned that our normal “low cost” venue had a terrible problem with their electricity generator (at the last minute), we thought we would just have to cancel our plans for this year. But due to the kind generosity of a single donor who heard about our dilemma and wanted the children to have their camps, we were offered the funds needed to select another venue. The next challenge was to find the place. We don’t normally think of the beach resorts because of the cost, we contacted several anyway. The very helpful management at Moulin Sur Mer really delivered a plan that worked for both the resort and HSF. The personal contribution of one donor based in Long Island NY funded the entire camp. You cannot appreciate the impact and the profound difference such a gesture makes in the lives of our HSF children. They were “first class” and loved every minute they were with us. I have to tell you that the management of Moulin Sur Mer told me over and over again that they could not believe how well behaved the children were. They told us that we were always welcome and that they hoped we would consider coming back next year. I was very proud of our children. Next year, we all agreed to include one other topic: Entrepreneurship.

Summary of Soccer Camp:

HSF Volunteers leading the camp: Mr. Love Smith and Mr. Galinsky Smith

Below is a summary of the Soccer Camp which took place in Anse-à-Veau from July 1st through July 4th.

June 30th

  1. Presents were 17 referees, three trainers and 76 players from 11 to 15 years old
  2. Talked about the selection of the team from U10, U12, U15 boys and girls. July 1st We distributed 99 pairs of shoes and received help from the kids to pump 92 balls separating 8 soccer nets for the town soccer fields.
  • July 2nd
    1. 64 boys and 12 girls’ kids came for the try out and fitness
    2. We picked 18 kids per selection for U10, U12 and U15.
    3. Second session with 14 and 15 years old boys

    July 3rd

    Distribution of soccer uniform including balls, T-shirts and sneakers and shoes

    July 4

    The team came with their trainers and referees to take pictures and discussed what we expect and to keep the commitment of giving their best. The program ended with a great expectation from all of them until the next meet scheduled for next year. As a result, five teams were created:

    1. HSF Barcelona Group 15 years Old
    2. HSF Valencia – (15 Years Old)
    3. HSF Real Madrid – (12-13 years old)
    4. HSF A.C. Milan (12-13 Years)
    5. HSF Lady Puma (12-16)

    Each group was assigned a team captain and a coach to start practice toward a great championship next year said Mr. Love Smith, responsible of the HSF soccer program.

    We really need your continued support and participation. The need is unimaginable, and we touch as many lives as we can. You only need to see the smiles and the joy to know that everything we do is absolutely worth it, and is having an excellent impact on the young lives we touch. We need your help to start our infrastructure project to build a multipurpose facility starting with a basic soccer field worthwhile for the children to use, a volleyball/basketball court a computer room and a canteen for daily meals. We have the man power, the will and the dedication. It can be done step by step . Many of you have been following us since July 2006. We have always been there working with the kids through sports. Our journey will continue. Together we can continue to make a change in the daily life of the children of Haiti.

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    Children List of participants:

    Prenom, Nom, Blendell, Diegue, M. Antoine, Gaspard, Jouicin, Tama, Hypolite, Magdaline, Ovide, K. Junior, Leonado, Lexihomme, Hubert, Schoolby, Briquet, Luckenson, Racilia, Frehel, Vincent, James Peterson, Pierre Louis, Mario, Supris, Roodley, Altidor, Jean Fritz, Millien, Rachelle, Augustin, Marguens, Duval, Darline, Gaspard, Steeve, Supris, Jean Vanel, Saint Cyr, Albertiny, Julsaint, Richardson, Civil, Wadline, Victorin, Beatrice, Germain, Therizard, Cerisier Pierre, Dony, Noel Angelot, Richardson, Jouicin B., Oersted, Giorvanny, Rosaliere Saladin, Wendy, Jouicin J.Fed, Emmanuel, Amboise, Widlor, Kathiana, Pierre, Nephtaline, Augustin, Djoulie, Duverseau, Yveline, Jean, Bechette, Nitchyl, Shnaider, Louis, Vladimir, Senat, Jameson, Louis, Kensley, Jozil, Widnor and Dutreuil.

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